I’m laughing I forgot Anarak’s tattoos on his shoulders.


chibi’s give you this weird sense of artistic freedom imo

sensual seduction


A human Koveen for your achey-breaky heart


 Bizarrely Beautiful  sculpture by Megan E Craddock


deerly beloved
salfired paperclay - 2012

Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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Anonymous whispered:
Hi, just wanted to say, all your trolls are delightful, and it would be wonderful to see any of them more, but really it is up to you and who you feel like playing with. :>

aaa Thank you! haha
It’s just I have so many and I neglect like half of them most of the time laughs

I can’t hold all these trolls;;

I’m curious, which trolls of mine would you guys like to see more of?

Dicena tattoo ref

click through for higher res pls

fullbody if Dicena in all his gay glory

my laptop might crap out in the middle of this so iM GOMEN IN ADVANCE

I’ve been on tumblr for about 3~4 years now

apparently i still dont know how to reply to stuff omg

annyeongtrolls whispered:
Look, your troll made me wet, you must take responsibility for you both have done. I want a small wedding at a chapel.



but my question is 

who am i marrying off

He’s a hard one to hold down.
tbh he’d probably just jack the rings and make a run for it LAUGHS